And to Sprite I leave…

A belated addition to my Month of Maybe To Do List updating my will.


I realised that the most recent version of my will was written over twenty years ago when our children were all young. It mostly related to ensuring that the children would have guardians and would be given the best possible physical and spiritual nurture and educational opportunities. Our assets, (apart from our library of theology books which was bequeathed to Bible College of Victoria), were to be sold to provide for the children.
At that stage Gifted Resources did not exist.
I had not created any intellectual property
And I did not have an online presence.

The story is quite different now.
The children are all adults.
Most of our assets do not have much monetary value but could have sentimental value and I am confident that the children will be able to work out their distribution with the help of some specific directions in my new will.

I have several tubs of church school programs which I have written which I intend to make into online courses if time and energy permit. I am hoping I can give the physical versions of the programs with the books to the Bible College.

But what does concern me is what will become of Gifted Resources and Sprite’s Site, the resources relating to giftedness that I have gathered and the programs that I have created. I do have a couple of people in mind that may be prepared to take on some of the parts of Gifted Resources work. Who do I give the computer which houses the files? Or should I make up collections of files to be given to various people and bequeath them a disk or USB drive?

At the moment I am looking into how to manage the online aspects.
For example how long do blogs remain on the net? How can I will my website to ensure it will continue to be updated and remain useful? How can I authorise some accounts to be closed?
An article in The Economist discusses this and there were a few clues such in an article in The Telegraph relating to Google Inactive Accounts Manager
I will write a blog post about it and maybe share the information via Jo Hart’s Fine Focus webinars  when I have found out more.


SO For a starter
To Sprite I leave…


One bedroom with study area

One lobby area with window, tables, sofa, chocolate fountain, 21C water cooler, pizza oven, refrigerated cabinet, coffee machine, whiteboard and message board

Assorted chairs and desks, laptop computer, guitar, photo albums, charts, maps and mind maps

Garden with arch, outdoor furnishings, spotlight, telescope and Twitter Bird Bowers

One crossroads with signpost

Full set of shoes from De Bono’s Six Action Shoes collection plus assorted extra footwear


I confer on her responsibility for the care of

100+ Twitter Birds

50+ Taste Tester dogs

7 Black Dogs

5 Dabrowski Dogs


Unspecified numbers of Mice, Lobsters, Red Herrings, Meerkats, Monkeys and Soft Toys

One of each Giraffe, Kiwi, Echidna, Ibis

Caramel Cat

Pugnacious Loyola

Origami Secretary Bird

Columbus Cheetah

Memory Elephant

And an Octopus Topiarii in a Topiary Tessellation Bird Leaf Tree


Well, that was easy!

But to whom do I leave Sprite?

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