The Month of Maybe 2


Here is an update on the status of the Month of Maybe after the first week as recorded by the Padlet sticky note wall

So far I have scored three green completion ticks.

The Gifted Resources newsletter was prepared and sent out. It can be read online at

The Blog Hop post was written and can be read at

I created two posters which can be used if suitable at the coming 20th Anniversary WCGTC World Conference 2013  and learned how to provide a creative commons license for them and post them on Flickr in the Gifted Education photo quotes group



In case explanation is needed:
Average riders would sit or maybe try standing on one horse
Bright ones at the top of the group could learn to Roman ride on two horses
Gifted ones, who are way beyond the top group, express the experience of their different rate and level of learning by Roman riding on two cheetahs
2E Twice Exceptional, who are both Gifted and have a learning difference or disability are trying to manage Roman riding on a cheetah and a tortoise at the same time


Last weekend I bought three bookcases for the bungalow. Two of them were already assembled and have been set up. I have been able to put the contents of three of the old small bookcases into the two new ones and also to shelve the contents of two cardboard boxes of books that were sitting on the floor.
I have also continued with the work of cataloguing the Gifted Resources library.
So both of these tasks on the To Do list, although they do not yet have a completion tick beside them, at least have some progress to show on their progress level meters.

All the other tasks are still waiting to be done!

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