Best Australian Blogs 2013 No 16: Afterwards

bestblogs1314 “I need to spend some time over at Gifted Resources now. I will be busy writing posts about the VAGTC EmpowerEd conference for the Gifted Resources blog for the next couple of days” I told Sprite. “But I will be back in time to help you hold a Best Australian Blogs 2013 Finale celebration on Wednesday. Have a think about what you would like to do to celebrate.” In the meantime Sprite’s Site readers could read about the blogs which were selected as finalists in the Australian Writers’ Centre Best Australian blogs 2013 competition I love About a Bugg  because it is written by Renee who is the mother of a girl who is like Sprite in many ways. Sprite’s Site was not one of the finalists.
The people’s choice voting for all the blogs is open until 30 April and all the winners will be announced on 1 May. I certainly have enjoyed participating in the competition. Thank you all for sharing the ride with me! Plenty of good things came from participating – we now have a Face Book page and several improvements have been made to the blog and I have enjoyed writing special posts for the competition. “Don’t go yet!” said Sprite “Tell us about the conference” “I will be writing about it for Gifted Resources  blog” I said. “Tell us something silly that you would not want to put in the proper stuffy blog” Sprite persisted. “Very well, then!” I said. “To get to the conference I had to walk to the bus stop, take a bus from Rosebud to Frankston and then the train from Frankston to Melbourne and then I had to walk to CQ Functions in Queens St where the conference was to be held. I had a heavy computer case to carry and a heavy case on wheels to drag behind me and a heavy handbag draped over my shoulder. I had plotted the way I had to walk from Flinders St Station to Queens St on a map and it did not seem to be very far.” gettingthere01a “But I came out of the station by a different exit and so I asked a man for directions to Queens St. He pointed out Crown Casino and said that was in Queens St and gave me directions to it. So I walked over a footbridge across the Yarra River and headed for Crown Casino. It had been raining and my suede shoes became waterlogged.” gettingthere02 “When I arrived there I found a sign pointing to Queensbridge (not Queens St.) I asked a lady and she told me to go back over the Yarra on another bridge then turn right and then left. But this is what I ended up doing.” gettingthere03 “I did arrive in good time and the conference was excellent and I was given a lift back to Flinders St Station for the return journey” “Yes, yes! All very fascinating!” said Intellectual Dabrowski sarcastically “I’m glad you didn’t write all that on the Gifted Resources blog. Now please hurry up and start writing your reports!”

You have one day left to vote for Sprite’s Site (and as many other great Australian blogs as you like) in the People’s Choice section by clicking on the Vote for Me button in the sidebar of the blog. But you can only vote once: so be sure to make the vote count. Sprite’s Site is on Page 4 O-S. If you have entered Sprite’s Site by following a link to a specific post you will need to click on the Sprite’s Site header to see the sidebar.

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