Best Australian Blogs 2013 No 10: Stories and series



“What concerns me most” P’est Pour Parfait, the Perfectionist Poodle had said “is that 70% of the evaluation is based on the writing of the blog and that there have not been any posts yet relating to the storytelling here at Sprite’s Site. There should be posts about the storylines and the subjects covered on the blog”

After conducting tours of Sprite’s Site’s social media connections, Sprite was very pleased at the prospect of relaxing and reading some of the stories which have been told on the blog to the Dabrowski Dogs. She said she would dictate the stories she would like me to include in a post about storytelling.

Intellectual Dabrowski became quite bossy and started to point out errors in Sprite’s reading and to tell me what I should write.

“You should write one post about storylines, one about characters and one about themes and subject areas covered” he said.

“I agree” chimed in Parfait “I further recommend that you should include an A-Z glossary of the themes and subjects covered”

“And you do realize, I suppose, that you have not written about all the characters in the About the Characters page” added Parfait “that must be remedied before you write the post about the characters.”

“OK, then let us start by compiling the glossary of themes and subjects” said Intellectual.

“Do we really have to do that? I am feeling really tired now!” Sprite said.
Emotional howled in sympathy and Sensual scratched his head.
“Boring!” said Psycho Motor and went off to chase butterflies.
Imaginational said “Wouldn’t it be great if all the blog stories were made into books or e-books! Wouldn’t it be great if Jo won some writing lessons from the Australian Writers’ Centre so she could learn how to do it properly?”

“Come on then! Let’s get started!” said Intellectual. Just list them all at the moment. Then we can sort them into groups later”

There is no point in arguing with Intellectual when he is giving you the flinty working dog stare. He will keep pushing until you accomplish his goals. I remember so clearly the way he commanded the writing of the New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week blog post series. I can still hear him barking out “No-one goes down to the beach to wave to New Zealand until we have finished”
It is frustrating and tiring enough for me to deal with; but for Sprite it can cause overwhelming distress and exhaustion

So we persevered and here is the list we compiled


A  Anthropomorphism Advocacy Acceleration A-May-ING April Fools Arachnid Asynchronous development

B Biographies Big Questions Beloved Snail Back stories Bullying Birds & bees talk Body language

C Creator/Creation Christmas Choosing schools Cheetahs Comics Creating challenges Cleaning up Columbus Cheetah

D Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities Dabrowski Dogs Depression DeBono’s 6 Action shoes Dimensions Devotional Digital citizenship Dogopus Dreams

E Emotions Emoticons Existence

F Film discussions Friendship Facial expressions

G Giftedness Gifted Education programs Gagne’s DMGT Road

H Homeschooling Homework Halloween Holiday programs

I Imaginary/Imaginal Imagination

J Johari’s window

K Kites

L Lobsters Les Souris

M Memory Marches Mindmapping Memory Elephant Myth busting Mentors

N Name calling Noids

O Organizational skills Origami Secretary Bird optimism

P Parenting Psych-Owl-ogist Paws for Poise Parlour P Party Puzzle Perfectionism

Q Quilting Questions Quest

R Real pony Reading

S Survivor Gifted Island Sensitivities Social/emotional issues Schrödinger’s cat Storytelling

T Twice Exceptional students Twitter bird stories (wedding album and band auditions) Tree Octopus Taste Tester dogs Topiary Tessellation Bird Leaf Tree Tweet family

U Un-Olympics Bowers Underachievement

V Visual spatial learners Voki

W Webinars Weed wars

X X-rays (testing not written yet)

Y Young gifted children

Z Zzz (sleep – Tweetlets)

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2 thoughts on “Best Australian Blogs 2013 No 10: Stories and series

  1. Jo, I have one word for Intellectual … muzzle. Life isn’t always about what we achieve even if some people seem to think so. If I were Sprite … I’d take a nap! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz You have all been working incredibly hard during this blog competition.

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