Best Australian Blogs 2013 No 9: Interaction with local real life community



Having looked at how Sprite’s Site interacts with Social media and online webinars you might like to see how Sprite and her friends interact with our local real life community in Rosebud, Victoria.

Last year Sprite’s Site blog talked about some of the events that made news in Victoria such as the earthquake
In the news

Electricity Smart Meters, pollution in the Yarra River and budget cuts to Victorian education
Pair O’Noids

Most of the discussion about happenings in the field of education of gifted students in Victoria and news of conferences and book reviews happens on the Gifted Resources blog but news of the parliamentary inquiry also appeared on Sprite’s Site at

Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the Education of Gifted and Talented students
Australia’s love of sport
The Un-Olympics bower

Sprite’s Site has recorded our move to Rosebud, settling in and setting up Gifted Resources

Rosebud is a very pretty seaside town and I have taken photos of our garden, the beach, the birds, All Saints Anglican church and the main street.
Some of the photos have been used in blog posts already and others are waiting to be used.


The beach has provided much interest.
We have seen unusual sights like large numbers of black swans feeding in the
kelp beds.
On one occasion there were many jelly like tubes washed up on the beach. A
friend said she thought they were fish egg sacs
I put ‘jelly tube fish egg sac’ in a Google picture
search and found one picture which looked very similar and mentioned
Rosebud beach. It led to a blog entry at

Photos of the beach have been included in posts
We looked at the wood sculptured figures which can been seen on the pavement in the main street of Rosebud in the post
Filing memories


The Rosebud kite festival was discussed at

In January Silvers Circus and the Whittingslow Family Carnival came to Rosebud and the Twitter Birds joined in as part of the January Brilliant Chaos Creating challenge. See and the six following posts



Gtstoogies 10: Australian Down Under Delicacies feast

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2 thoughts on “Best Australian Blogs 2013 No 9: Interaction with local real life community

  1. Learning more about Sprite’s beautiful country of Australia, has been one of the most endearing parts of this blog. Realizing that I will probably never have the opportunity to visit Rosebud or anyplace really in Australia, I am thankful to see it through Sprite’s eyes!

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