Best Australian Blogs 2013 No 8: Review of the campaign so far



When we returned to the garden on Sprite’s Site after conducting tours of Sprite’s social media connections, we found that Intellectual Dabrowski and P’est Pour Parfait, the Perfectionist Poodle,  were conducting a review of Sprite’s campaign for the Australian Writers’ Centre Best Australian Blogs 2013 Competition

“I think she has demonstrated her social media activity adequately since it is only worth 10% of the total” said Parfait.

“And she has made an effort to improve the appearance of the blog by updating the theme” said Intellectual.

“But I do not think she has demonstrated any connection to her local real life situation” said Parfait. “There should be at least one post about how Sprite’s Site provides commentary about local events.”

“Yes, that should definitely be done!” agreed Intellectual “And look, the Memory Elephant has brought out the photo album to provide inspiration.”

I noticed that the Pair O’Noids  had appeared and were squeaking urgently to each other in the corner of the garden.
“Why are they here?” I asked
“Oh, they just don’t want Sprite to share too much personal information on the Internet. They are concerned that a post about local events could cause problems” said Intellectual.

“What concerns me most” said Parfait “is that 70% of the evaluation is based on the writing of the blog and that there have not been any posts yet relating to the storytelling here at Sprite’s Site. There should be posts about the storylines and the subjects covered on the blog”

“Just thinking about all the work still to be done makes me feel tired!” said Sprite


Vote for Sprite’s Site (and as many other great Australian blogs as you like) by clicking on the Vote for Me button in the sidebar of the blog. But you can only vote once: so be sure to make the vote count. Sprite’s Site is on Page 4 O-S.

If you have entered Sprite’s Site by following a link to a specific post you will need to click on the Sprite’s Site header to see the sidebar.

3 thoughts on “Best Australian Blogs 2013 No 8: Review of the campaign so far

  1. As a reader from the U.S., I love hearing about local events from Sprite’s domain! As for the Pair O’Noids, “me thinks thou dost protest too much”. Sprite has never shared personal information that would compromise her privacy.
    Sprite is lucky to have Memory Elephant to store all her memories. I think that’s a pretty cool idea. In fact, I wish I had a Memory Elephant!

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