Best Australian Blogs 2013 No 7: Interaction with webinars and online courses



I enjoy participating in online courses and webinars and often blog about the experience on Sprite’s Site.


On Friday mornings I try to attend the Edublogs Fine Focus and Serendipity webinars run by Jo Hart in a Blackboard Collaborate room. Often we discuss IT tools which can be used in education and then experiment with using the tools.
I have presented some Fine Focus sessions.
My Sprite’s Site posts about these webinars can be read at  and posts about my participation in Jo Hart’s webinars can be read on her E-verything blog at  


Global Education Conference
The free, online Global Education Conference runs around the clock for five days.
The conference presentations are given in Blackboard Collaborate webinar rooms
I have blogged about my participation in these conferences and a collection of the posts can be seen here


Reform Symposium
This was another free global online education conference which I attended and from which I learned a great deal and gathered a large supply of resources
Blog posts about my participation in these conferences can be found at

Online Courses
There are many opportunities to study online and Sprite’s Site blog posts about some of these can be found at


Digital Badges

And Moodle Sandbox


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2 thoughts on “Best Australian Blogs 2013 No 7: Interaction with webinars and online courses

  1. Interesting post, Jo.
    I first encountered you in the Serendipity and Fine Focus sessions organized by @JoHart on Blackboard Collaborate. I now count you as part of my PLN and I enjoy our continued interactions there as well as on Twitter and in my Reader (the closing of which gave us a neat discussion in Fine Focus.).
    I too, find myself looking for online webinars to continue conversations on a myriad of topics. I think it might be interesting to read a post on finding these webinars and exploring the many other platform folks are using. I have a couple of connections to sites hosted by @SteveHargadon. He is a huge player in learning online. I also see that my iPa* has a number of different meeting tools. These include Blackboard Collaborate (the app doesn’t work for me,) GoToMeeting, WebEx, and Google+. Many don’t work well or easily but that has meant learning even more about using webinars. As you point out, there are a number of options.

    • Thanks Gail. I always enjoy sharing with you during the Fine Focus and Serendipity sessions!
      I have attended tutorials which used GoToMeeting – it was fairly similar to Blackboard Collaborate.

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