Qualified to teach


Another consequence of the visit of Trending and her brood was that Retweet began having doubts about her ability to teach her tweetlets herself using NEST Ed.

“I didn’t think NEST Ed was even legal and don’t you have to be a registered qualified certified teacher to teach?” Trending had asked. And then a couple of days later, just to enforce her point, she had sent Retweet a link to a blog post on Cafemom Stir it Rant by Andrew Kardon
Are Parents Who Homeschool Qualified to Teach Their Kids? http://thestir.cafemom.com/big_kid/152471/parents_who_homeschool_arent_qualified

Retweet had assured Trending that NEST Ed was legal. In some states it was necessary to register and some states dictated that certain subjects should be taught but (in her state at least) there were no laws regarding the necessity of having qualifications to teach.

“But what if you don’t know how to teach a subject?” Trending had asked.

“So far that has not been a problem” Retweet had told Trending “I get lots of books from the library and we do a lot of field trips. I know that the tweetlets know all the things they would have learnt with their age group in FLOCK Ed” Mentally Retweet added ‘and lots of extra things too’ but she did not say that aloud.

“Yes, but what about when they get to things you don’t understand either? How can you teach them then?” Trending had asked.

“Well, then I will find a tutor or a mentor or find courses they can attend.” Retweet had said.

She mentioned her concerns to the Psych-Owl-Ogist.

“There are education consultants, tutors and mentors available to help you. There are lots of excellent open access online courses and courses at the community bower. Remember we talked about some of the resources that are available for NEST Ed when we talked about choosing the right flock for the tweetlets  https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2012/08/18/finding-the-right-flock-3/

NEST Ed does not suit every family but I would not have even suggested it as an option if I did not think you were not capable of giving the tweetlets a rich and exciting education using NEST Ed.”


1 thought on “Qualified to teach

  1. Beyond the homeschooling questions, I think Retweet has made a wise choice in the Psych-Owl-Ogist … a professional who is familiar and well-versed in gifted tweetlets. This is often a mistake made by parents of gifted children; not seeking out those who specialized in giftedness.

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