Lucky I had my lucky horseshoe with me!

This month, because St Patrick’s Day is celebrated during March, Luck has been suggested as a topic for the Brilliant Chaos Facebook group!/groups/brilliantchaosonline/ creating challenge.

Retweet was delighted as it provided her with a topic that she could use to incorporate many different curriculum areas for her family’s NEST Ed studies

Each day Retweet sets the Tweetlets a project. They have to discuss or illustrate the sentence Lucky I had my lucky _________ with me because ____________
inserting various items often considered to be lucky.

Today Intellectual and Imaginational Dabrowski visited to help the Tweetlets decide how to use their lucky horseshoes.

Intellectual was very matter of fact and suggested this response to Tweetil

Lucky I had my lucky horseshoe with me because I can use it as a plumb line, play the horseshoe toss game and use it as a weight to lift a basket up to my tree house.


Imaginational whispered to Tweetelle that a horseshoe would make a fine anchor for her dream galleon.


One thought on “Lucky I had my lucky horseshoe with me!

  1. Who knew how lucky a horseshoe could be! It looks like the Tweetlets may be getting ready for the end of the month with that basket, but I’m not sure about having ‘eggs’ in it. I’m thinking they might want chocolate-covered birdseed? 😉

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