Lucky I had my lucky acorn with me!

This month, because St Patrick’s Day is celebrated during March, Luck has been suggested as a topic for the Brilliant Chaos Facebook group!/groups/brilliantchaosonline/ creating challenge.

Retweet was delighted as it provided her with a topic that she could use to incorporate many different curriculum areas for her family’s NEST Ed studies

Each day Retweet sets the Tweetlets a project. They have to discuss or illustrate the sentence Lucky I had my lucky _________ with me because ____________  inserting various items often considered to be lucky.

Today their studies focussed on science and the lucky object which had to be incorporated in some way was an acorn.

Tweetelle’s response was Lucky I had my lucky acorn with me because if I plant it, it will grow into a great big oak tree and lots of Twitter birds can build nests in it and there will be lots and lots of lucky acorns on it.


Tweetil’s response was Lucky I had my lucky acorn with me because it always hits the puddles I aim for – if I fire it from the lucky angle.

After she had given stern warnings about purposeful splashings, Retweet was quick to build on Tweetil’s response and challenged him to see whether he could find a way to work out what the lucky angle was so that he could always be more accurate and whether the lucky angle would work for other acorns as well as the lucky one. This led to questions about whether the acorn would travel further if it was launched with a greater velocity.
And they had a field trip to the local military history museum to investigate.
“I’m so glad we decided to continue with NEST Ed!” Retweet said


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