Lucky I had my lucky _________ with me!


This month, because St Patrick’s Day is celebrated during March, Luck has been suggested as a topic for the Brilliant Chaos Facebook group!/groups/brilliantchaosonline/ creating challenge.

Retweet was delighted as it provided her with a topic that she could use to incorporate many different curriculum areas for her family’s NEST Ed studies

For language studies they talked about the definitions of luck, chance, probability, fate, fortune, blessing, abundance, karma and for mathematics they studied probability.

They discussed the good luck versus bad luck versus natural consequences of behaviour and the attitudes towards faith and blessing, fate and karma in different religions and the pot of golden bird seed at the end of the rainbow.

And each day Retweet set the Tweetlets a project. They had to discuss or illustrate the sentence Lucky I had my lucky _________ with me because ____________
inserting various items often considered to be lucky.

Each day this week I will post one or two of the responses to the project from the Tweetlets.


2 thoughts on “Lucky I had my lucky _________ with me!

  1. Parents and teachers of gifted children could learn a lot from Retweet. She is such a fabulous mum to the Tweetlets. She gets PBL learning ~ Projects, Problems and Passions!

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