Pair O’ Noids


“Who are those two characters in the black top hats that look like mini undertakers?” I asked.

“They are Noids” said Sprite. “I thought they were Sensual Dabrowski’s fleas or friends of Wistful Black Dog but Intellectual Dabrowski said they were a Pair O’ Noids. They are Black Hat Thinking Consultants. They go around in pairs and worry about stuff!”

“So why are they here now?” I asked

“Well” said Sprite “Intellectual says they are paranoid about the possible health effects of the electricity Smart Meters that are being installed and pollution in the Yarra River but mostly they are worrying about what the budget cuts to Victorian education will mean.”
See The Age Schools set to suffer as budget cuts hit hard

1 thought on “Pair O’ Noids

  1. What is the rationalization of cutting funds to the most vulnerable … the poor? I find this extremely disconcerting and an unfavorable trend. Hopefully it is temporary; not the beginning of cuts.

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