Wheels within wheels


As I could have predicted all the characters at Sprite’s Site blog had opinions about what the wheels I used to illustrate my plans for 2013 meant and what they would mean for them personally.

Sprite thought they were very pretty and showed them to the others.


Tweet and Retweet recognized the wheels as Le Nid Insta D.I.Y. flat pack nest materials for renovating their nest and called in their friends and neighbours to help them with the assembly.
“In MY day…” said Great Aunt Hashtag disapprovingly “we didn’t have all this new-fangled stuff. We gathered our own materials and built it all ourselves.”


The Memory Elephant said that wheels were very helpful memory devices and brought out collections of pictures created in Shape Collage http://www.shapecollage.com/   – one was a collection of pictures of Gifted Resources and the other was pictures of Rosebud beach.


The Memory Elephant pointed out a particular photo of one of the strange jelly like tubes that I found on Rosebud beach and reminded me to search Google images and try to identify it.

beach11 (2)

I put ‘jelly tube fish egg sac’ in a Google picture search and found one picture which was a match. It led to a blog entry at http://residentjudge.wordpress.com/2010/01/11/squishy-things-on-the-beach/

The Memory Elephant also said that the wheels provided a reminder to add these dates to the calendar and brought out memories of the way Sprite’s Site had celebrated them in the past
Pi Day 14 March https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2011/03/15/pi-day/

International Dot Day 15 September http://www.thedotclub.org/dotday/  and
Sprite’s Site celebration https://spritessite.wordpress.com/2010/08/25/international-dot-day-15-september-2010/


Columbus Cheetah said wheels were great for illustrating acceleration – a subject dear to his heart and Caramel Cat said knitting wool ball wheels were good to bat around the room


The Dabrowski Dogs also approved of the wheels.
Intellectual was a veritable font of fun facts about the attributes of a circle.
Sensual talked about colour wheels and how different colours affected him. He insisted all the colours had their own smell and texture.
Emotional described the feelings and emotions generated for her by the colours on the colour wheels –happy yellow, active red, sad blue, relaxed green.
Psycho Motor yelped “Frisbee!” and bounced off in pursuit of a red wheel.
Imaginational mentally chose two wheels and joined them together with a lemniscate and sat contemplating them contentedly. After quite a lengthy period of contemplation Imaginational said “I wonder whether the Topiary Tessellation Bird Leaf Tree could wear a wheel and become a Topiary Wheel Tree and whether the Tree Octopus would still visit it if it did.”


Here are some of the other opinions of the wheels I heard expressed by the characters at Sprite’s Site

Ginger Pony: “I hope you don’t expect me to jump through hoops!”


Oliver Moremouse: “Yum, cheese wheel!”


Arachnid:  “New website templates!”


The Origami Secretary Bird: “Life Balance wheel – Sprite needs one of those!


2 thoughts on “Wheels within wheels

  1. My head is spinning after reading this post! What a creative group of characters. I particularly liked Columbus Cheetah’s idea that a circle/wheel could represent acceleration. That was very insightful. And the Twitter Birds never cease to amaze me at their resourcefulness – just like their namesake – Twitter, the best place to find resources. I think I may want to sit with Imaginational for a while and contemplate the Topiary Tessellation Bird Leaf Tree’s fate …

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