That was the year that was 2012

Many of my colleagues and friends have posted excellent reviews of their activities and experiences during 2012 on their blogs.

Tim Dracup aka Gifted Phoenix compiled an awe inspiring review at

And Jen Merrill from Laughing at Chaos summed up her year with reflections at

I was hoping to post yesterday about the things we had done on Sprite’s Site and the Gifted Resources blog during 2012.

But the Memory Elephant returned from Memory Elephants Day rather too mellow and laid back and not at all inclined to put in the hard work of remembering and insisted on viewing the memories the Twitter Birds had recorded of memory Elephants Day before commencing any work.
(The Twitter Birds had taken photos and made recordings of the event so that the Memory Elephants would not have to remember the fun they had on their day off but would still have some memoirs to keep)

“What did the Memory Elephants do on Memory Elephant day?” I asked.

“Just elephanty sort of things -they trumpeted and ate lots and had dust baths and squirted each other with water” One Twitter Bird said “But I don’t have a clue what they were saying because I could not find a translation tool that could handle Memory Elephant to Twitter Bird!”

“That is really strange – seeing pictures of things you did and don’t remember doing!” said the Memory Elephant.

Eventually, towards the end of the day the Memory Elephant produced this summary of the blog posts on Sprite’s Site and Gifted Resources Blog

There were 154 posts on Sprite’s Site during 2012. Some of the main highlights were

January   5 posts

Move to Rosebud

February   3 posts

Valentines Day   Keeping calendars and Filing memories

March   15 posts

More filing memories and settling in to Rosebud

Return of #Gtchat

Best Australian blogs nomination

Birth of Tweetil and Tweetelle – start of Tweet family series about parenting gifted children

Book review Gifted and thriving at school by Derrin Cramer

Gifted Awareness week in Namibia

April   19 posts

April Fools Day prank and

Continuation of Best Australian blogs and Tweet family series – the Tweet family begin NEST Ed and encounters problems caused by the asynchronous development of the Tweetlets

Reading to dogs

Sprite in Denmark

May   41 posts

Continuation of Best Australian blogs and Tweet family series

Tweetelle becomes a seedetarian

We meet the Psych-Owl-Ogist

And The Twitter birds went A-May-ing

June   18 posts

Blog birthday

Language Garden review

Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the Education of Gifted and Talented students

Gifted Awareness Week New Zealand Seven posts on the topic TBA

And a discussion of the Birds and the Bees in the Tweet family nest

July   10 posts

Critical thinking

The Finding the Right Flock series about choosing a school for gifted children


The Twitter Bird Un-Olympics Bower series

August   7 posts

Creation is to Creator as …

Between the Blogs and

Continuation of Finding the Right Flock

Advocacy 2

Be Creative with the Dabrowski Dogs

Delta Dog

September   11 posts

De Bono’s 6 Action shoes series

The meeting (link between Advocacy series and De Bono’s 6 Action shoes series)

Creativity challenge about Patterns and sketching


October   9 posts

Declining the table

Halloween and the Annual Lobby Lobster Fest

Continuation of De Bono’s 6 Action shoes series

Fine Focus webinar

Cuckoos in the Nest

November   6 posts

November activities

Global Education Conference

Fine focus Webinar Part 2

December   10 posts

#gtchat goes to TAGT12

Digital badges

Christmas greetings

Memory Elephants Day 30 December

Gifted Resources Blog

I August I received an email telling me that I needed to either close the Gifted Resources blog or update it to the newer format My tech guru, Jamie Tarling, put in a lot of work to update the blog and transfer old posts into it.

There’s life in the old blog yet

Beginners Guide to Life on the Bright Side review

Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the Education of Gifted and Talented Students


Doc Sykes Psycho-Educational Resource  DVD

Virtually attending the ECHA Conference


Mindjet Mind Manager

Fine Focus Webinar

Living with ANTs review

GT Chat

Let the Tall Poppies Flourish

Re-cataloguing the Gifted Resources Library

GT Chat goes to TAGT 12

Fine Focus Webinar Part 2

Global Ed Con 12

Skype Film Discussion


Susan Fisher’s dream classroom

“And now” said the Memory Elephant “I am taking Angus McTvitter to celebrate New Years and watch the fireworks. It is going to be a night to remember!”

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