Digital Badges 5

The Memory Elephant   has become quite accustomed to visiting The Pool of Collected Reflections
after conferences, webinars and online courses to help me compose my thoughts, clarify my understanding and gather the reflections of other participants.

Some reflections on the recent Digital Badges course with Peter Rawsthorne
overview at forums at can be read at

My own reflections on the course:
I enjoyed participating in the course very much. I can see interesting possible uses for badges and intend to investigate them further. I also enjoyed using Khan Academy and can imagine undertaking more learning there if time permits and also hope to investigate other providers of free open access online learning.

The beauty of badges is that they can be utilized for recognition of achievements or mastery in varying fields many of which are not covered in regular classroom type learning. The badges would have to be able to be linked to real demonstrated mastery and issued by a respected organization if they were to be used for resumes.

Thank you ETUG, SCoPe and Peter Rawsthorne for a very enjoyable and thought provoking course!

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