Combined celebrations

There is a double booking for the lobby this weekend – Halloween and the annual Lobby Lobster Fest but Intellectual Dabrowski has a solution. He will be going undercover to work on the puzzle of the Wicked Lemon Wedges and has suggested that the other Dabrowski Dogs should also dress up as Lobsters this year.

So the lobsters will conduct their Lobster Lolly Lobbing competition using Halloween candy and dance the Lobster Quadrille beneath the suspended apples.
The garlic cloves are guarding the windows and the pumpkins have declared the lobby a safe haven place from Jack-o-lantern carvers.
Arachnid is engrossed in spinning decorations for the occasion.

The Memory Elephant is eager to remind everyone about The First Annual Lobby Lobster Fest

And about how the Dabrowski dogs had celebrated at previous Halloween parties

How will the Dabrowski dogs celebrate Halloween?

Intellectual Dabrowski dresses up

The Dabrowski dogs dress up

2 thoughts on “Combined celebrations

  1. It appears that the over-excitabilities are bumping into each other at this year’s party! One thing is for certain, everyone is going to havea good time. It’s nice to see that our newcomers consider the Lobby a safe haven. We should all have a place we can go and feel safe. 🙂

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