More shoes

Having chosen some of the programs for Sprite’s education by using the De Bono’s 6 Action shoes methods for planning, we found some further shoe plans which were not included in the De Bono set.
Some of them were measures we had already tried.

Of course there is Bare Feet which represents not having a program at all.

And then there are the Sparkle Toes sparkly sandals which either represents a fun but not particularly demanding holiday program

Or a full time provision which is billed in the glossy brochures as a wonderful Extension Program and is often very expensive to attend but in reality turns out not to have much substance

There is the Can Do adjustable Velcro shoe which represents a flexible program and the  Can Do Boot which is similar with added support included. Sprite had really, really wanted the De Bono blue formal shoes and had not been able to fit into them. She felt she could probably manage the program represented by the De Bono formal blue shoes if she wore one blue formal shoe and a CanDo support boot on the other foot.

Then there are Jesters and Cheetah Feet

These all represent novel approaches to gifted programs such as programs based on humour or environmental issues. Seeing these shoes prompted Imaginational Dabrowski to speculate on possible programs and what type of shoes could be used to represent them. You may need to click on the picture to see an enlargement of his thoughts.

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