Brown Brogues

“There should be K.I.S.S. Shoes programs!” said Imaginational Dabrowski in a dreamy tone of voice. “You know – Keep It Simple and Sensible – just do what needs to be done to help students find their own niche and succeed.”

“The Brown Brogues in the De Bono’s 6 Action Shoes fill that role” replied Columbus Cheetah.

The Brown Brogues are sensible, comfortable and flexible for practicality and pragmatism. Actions planned using the Brown Brogues would be based on doing what is the most sensible and practical thing.

The programs for gifted students formed by Brown Brogue action planning would be choosing the most suitable option for the individual student which could be participation in full time programs or could be subject acceleration, extension, participation in withdrawal or holiday programs etc.
The key would be tailoring the course to the individual student’s needs and doing ‘whatever it takes’ to create an Individual Education Plan

Individualized programs which could include acceleration, extension, differentiation or whatever it takes appear to work very well and may lead to formal qualifications.
Or they may be the introduction to the specific niche for the gifted student.
And for the twice exceptional student it would mean providing whatever additional support was necessary to address the problems at the same time as providing appropriate challenge.

“I really like these Brown Brogue Action Plans!” said Intellectual Dabrowski. “It means doing the most sensible thing. So that means choosing from the Smorgasbord of Options for Gifted Education (I’m sorry – I do not have the reference details to give proper accreditation for that – it was a handout Jo received at a conference). It means pretesting and knowing the appropriate level to start and identifying any gaps and problems and taking measures to fix them.
It means working at the appropriate level, pace and depth in every subject even if all the subjects are at different levels. It means not being afraid to let students work at a level six years ahead if that is their ability level and finding ways to make that happen by dual enrolment in school and university or working with a Purple Riding Boots mentor.

“And,” continued Intellectual “the Brown Brogues are such a sensible choice of footware for travelling the Gagne DMGT  Road from Natural Abilities (Gifts) through to Competencies (Talents)”

“It could lead to formal qualifications or it could lead to the student finding their own particular niche in some very unusual or specialized area of expertise.
And the world is your oyster if you find your role and your place in the puzzle!” added Imaginational.

“One thing I noticed,” chimed in Emotional Dabrowski is that Sprite has a number of styles of the brown brogues to choose from – some look quite firm (almost as firm as the Blue Formal Shoes) and some are soft suede like material and look as comfortable as the Pink Slippers.  Some of them are made from the same materials as the Investigative Grey Sneakers and coloured brown which shows how sensible the Grey Sneakers are too. One pair had a camouflage print – ideal for blending in naturally without a fuss; even though what she would be doing is the sensible thing for her and might be quite different from what the others are doing.
And I noticed her Can Do Velcro strap adjustable sandals sitting beside the Brown Brogues and thought that they are very much the same. They are not covered in shoes like the Brown Brogues but they are flexible and adjustable and Spite is able to wear them quite comfortably. It is always good to know that something you have been doing has been on the right track!

1 thought on “Brown Brogues

  1. Sprite seems to have found the perfect fit with all the Dabrowski doggies in agreement. Never thought I’d see this day! Thank you, Jo, for making the DeBono 6 Action Shoes so understandable and weaving them into Gagne’s model. Brilliant!

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