Pink Slippers

“I AM doing my homework!” Sprite said, getting in first before I could ask her if she had finished her homework.
To me she appeared to be sitting in a comfy chair, with her feet up, drinking hot chocolate while she watched ferns and floating feathers on TV with pleasant but not particularly challenging or stimulating background music.

It had been a Pink Slipper day for Sprite at school. Pink Slipper action planning with De Bono’s 6 Action Shoes leads to programs which take into consideration doing what is caring and compassionate and paying attention to feelings and sensitivities.
The possible Pink Slipper programs for Sprite could include programs that focused on social / emotional needs, pastoral and spiritual care and coping strategies. They could also be service clubs, environmental concern groups and fundraising programs. Some of the programs are very helpful and necessary as support programs but most of them do not actually offer curriculum content.

“I’m having lovely lavender lathers later” Sensual Dabrowski said.

“Bravo, Sensual! Lovely Lavender Lathers Later is alliteration in L and, if Sprite thinks about it, Fractal Ferns and Floating Feathers is alliteration also”

There was a chorus of “Shut up Intellectual!”

“These pink slippers don’t really look as if you could run fast in them” commented Columbus Cheetah. “I think they have limited application for acceleration. I am not sure whether Sprite would be able to get all the way along the Gagne DMGT Road wearing slippers”

“Well” said Sprite “I do love love my Pink Slippers.”

“But you can’t run very well in slippers and they are not really suitable for wearing outside. Slippers are the most comfortable shoes for my left foot but too loose and flappy for my right foot and I feel really self conscious if I just wear one slipper because it draws attention to the problem.”

“I can see that the Pink Slipper programs are a big help and they do make it easier to study. Having the Pink Slipper programs might be the thing that helps students to continue and not drop out.”

“But it is a real temptation to just stay in in your comfort zone in the support programs.”

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