Orange Gumboots

The day after the meeting  Sprite came home wearing one orange gumboot.

I recognised this as representing the Orange Gumboot (Emergency measures) plan.
It appeared to be a stop gap measure to attempt to address Sprite’s giftedness which had not taken into account her difficulties. When that became apparent she had been told to just put on one orange gumboot and hop until they thought of something suitable.

She also brought home a flower in a pot which she claimed was her homework.

Columbus Cheetah consulted the diagram of Gagne’s DMGT Road Version 2.0  from Natural Abilities (Gifts) through to Competencies (Talents) and declared that, in theory, the Orange Gumboots (Emergency Actions) plan could produce exciting opportunities for acceleration and fast tracking allowing rapid movement between natural ability and competence.

“I know!” said Sprite. “I was really excited when they first suggested putting on the orange gumboots. This is what I thought was going to happen”

“But when they saw I could not get the second gumboot on they said it would not be safe to proceed with that action plan”

“And this is what I ended up doing! They made me an assistant for the day”

“And what do you have to do for homework?” I asked.

“I have to practice watering this flower so that I can show the little kids how to do it tomorrow. I’m not learning anything new myself. It is a real waste of time!”

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