Patterns Exhibition

It was a lovely day for an Art Exhibition. Intellectual Dabrowski had set up the sketches which I made during the five days of the Brilliant Chaos Group on Facebook!/groups/brilliantchaosonline/ creating challenge and the Twitter Bird patterns and tessellations for Sprite and the others to view.
I became quite anxious when I saw P’est pour Parfait, the Perfectionist Poodle inspecting the pictures.

Sprite was most impressed with the Twitter Birds large tessellation picture.
“How do they do that?” she asked

As I had been given a behind the scenes tour I felt confident to describe the method to her but before I could reply Imaginational Dabrowski chimed in.

“The Grand Twessellator comes to orchestrate it. They have drummers to keep the beat so that they all act together and he calls out the orders. They march up into their places and the Grand Twessellator calls out which ones have to rotate.

“What happens then?” asked Sprite. “Are they stuck in the pattern for ever?”
“Of course not!” said Imaginational “They meld into clouds or fishes and escape from the edges of the tessellation!”
“And what does Twitterpate mean?”
“That is when they announce their creations to the world on Twitter!”

1 thought on “Patterns Exhibition

  1. I know a few high school bands who could benefit from The Grand Twessellator’s leadership! Sprite seems to be surrounded by giftedness and talent. What a great position to be in!

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