Creator is to creation as….

I enjoy analogies and ratios.
They were my favourite questions on the multiple choice general intelligence tests.
You know, like

Dog is to Puppy as Cat is to ———-
8:2 as 27: ———–

I also like analogies that help to describe and explain something unknown in terms of something that is known and understood.
Stephanie Tolan’s article “Is it a cheetah?” is a great example which explains and describes a gifted person by analogy to a cheetah.
There is a great collection of analogies for giftedness in the Analogy Anthology at Hoagies website

The parables told by Jesus are similar to analogies – earthly stories with Heavenly meanings we were told at school. Jesus helped the people understand God and Heaven by telling stories about sowing seed and finding lost treasures.

But sometimes analogies are inaccurate or do not give a full explanation.

And an example of this which occurred to me recently was that of my relationship and consequent responsibilities to Sprite.
God is my Creator and I am Sprite’s creator.
However it would not be accurate to say
God the Creator is to Jo as Jo is to Sprite.

The main reason for this is that I do not have any of the Omnis which are attributes of God. God is Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent and I am not!

It was clearly demonstrated that although I am Sprite’s creator I am not able to physically travel to her dimension

When Sprite said “Please promise that you won’t forget about us if you get all involved with using the other blog!”  
And I replied “Of course I won’t forget you!”
it brought to mind my Creator God’s promise that he would always be with us and would never abandon us.

This brought to mind an analogy relating to God which in my opinion has some flaws – that of God as the Watchmaker.
The intricacies of the watch propose that the watch had an intelligent creator in the same way as the intricacies of the natural world speak of an Intelligent Creator.

However this analogy is also used to suggest that God designed the creation, set it on its course and then ignored it and now allows it to run according to the laws of nature which He had installed.
It describes a God who is transcendent but never immanent.
It fails to account for God’s continued presence in and ongoing sustaining and interaction with His creation.

2 thoughts on “Creator is to creation as….


    I, too, struggle with the watchmaker analogy (which is Deist, not Christian) because God as I understand God to be deeply cares for His creation. The imminence you describe is at the heart of who God is and how God relates to us.

    And how precious is it that even as we promise our own creations (I think of my child as the closest thing I’ve got even though I know he is God’s creation more than mine!) that we will never leave but we can’t ever know that. Whereas we KNOW that God can keep that promise. And will. For eternity. Amen!

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