Between the Blogs 2

As I could have predicted the characters on Sprite’s Site had varying opinions about how me becoming ‘Two Blog Lady’ would affect their lives.

Columbus Cheetah said that he had already been acting in the capacity of Columbus Cheetah Myth Buster on Gifted Resources website and that he was happy to commute between the two blogs.

The Memory Elephant was prepared to commute but grumbled about being given twice the amount of responsibility.

The Twitter Birds said that they served all areas of the Internet and would be happy to assist at Gifted Resources as well as Sprite’s Site. They even suggested that it would be useful to install one of Dr Jeff’s 21C water coolers  over at Gifted Resources. But they felt strongly that the Twitter Bird Flower Bowers  should remain on Sprite’s Site.
The Tweet Family was not in any hurry to relocate their nest.

The Origami Secretary Bird  said it would be an easy matter to make a duplicate of himself, so that he could be in both places at the same time, and that he was already working on a roster of duties for the other characters and making a list of supplies needed for the Gifted Resources blog area. He was insistent that Origami Secretary Bird Union conditions should be adhered to in both places.

Caramel Cat wanted to know whether there were any mice in the skirting boards of the Gifted Resources blog.

Both Intellectual Dabrowski and P’est pour Parfait stated firmly that they would need to be present whenever I intended to post on either blog. They were debating about how to divide their time between supervising me and overseeing Sprite’s homework.

Psych Motor Dabrowski declared that sharing time would not be a problem – it was just a matter of juggling.
At this point Psycho Motor demonstrated by donning Intellectual’s Dogopus costume  and juggling blog posts while humming circus music very loudly at a frantic pace

Da da, diddle diddle, da da, dee da
Da da, diddle diddle, da da, dee da
Dut da da da da
Dut da da da da
Diddle diddle diddle diddle……

Emotional and Sensual Dabrowski both expressed that they needed to be given time to process their feelings and emotions.

Imaginational Dabrowski was wondering whether a bridge or a wormhole could be set up to connect the two blogs or whether characters could be transported from one to the other by a Beam-Me-Up Scotty

1 thought on “Between the Blogs 2

  1. Okay … this is hysterical! How do you keep all these characters straight? I love Imaginational’s version of transporting … don’t think Gene Roddenberry ever considered actually beaming Scotty dogs about the universe. rotfol

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