Language Garden

While Sprite and I were setting up the Flower Bowers for the Twitter Birds for the blog birthday celebrations many of the Twitter Birds were still busy bringing me links to great education sites.
One pair arrived with a link to David Warr’s language program Language Garden.
“As you are already in the garden, come over here and see this!” they chirped.

I have been intending to visit Language Garden again for several weeks.
I first met David Warr and learned about Language Garden when I participated in David’s webinar at the Reform Symposium and we have corresponded several times since.
Language Garden is a combination of a language learning program and a mind-mapping program.
It is great for visual learners as it shows clearly the structure of a sentence and its parts of speech.
Nouns are shown in blue, verbs in red, adjectives in green, adverbs in yellow, determiners in grey, prepositions in purple and connectives in brown.
I can see that it would be a useful tool for learning English language or foreign languages.
Read all about Language Garden, have a go at making a Language Plant and playing with some activities on the website

There is also a Blog at
I loved the post about depicting a Chinese saying as a Language Plant in the Spanish language at

I knew Sprite, who is very much a visual learner, would love Language Garden and, sure enough, she did!
She started to create a Language Plant of her own. Intellectual Dabrowski and P’est pour Parfait are telling her that she must finish it properly!

Language Garden also has a Facebook Group where members can share the language plants they have created
The Facebook Group is described on the blog at

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