New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week 2012 – TBA Post 2

“OK! Leave it with me and I will research the matter for you” Intellectual had said and sure enough, when I returned to Sprite’s Site, I found that Intellectual Dabrowski had compiled a list of possible topics which could be discussed in a TBA post for New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week 2012 blog tour and begun to collect the information.

The topics he had chosen were

T – Twice Exceptional, Testing and Teaching gifted students
B – Books and Brain research
A – Articles, Acceleration, Assessment and Associations

He had enlisted the help of the Twitter Birds to find website links and fossicked through the Gifted Resources library books and folders of articles and had provided me with much more information than I could possibly use in one blog post.
And I was not sure  how careful he had been with the selection of material or whether he intended me to sort it for relevance and weed out any ‘red herrings’.

“Thank you” I said “This selection will keep me busy for a while!”

“Well you won’t need me here at the moment” said Psycho Motor Dabrowski “so Sprite and I are taking the Frisbee down to Rosebud beach to practice waving to New Zealand for the 15th June”

Imaginational Dabrowski looked at the piles of books and folders and the links which the Twitter Birds had provided.
“There is more information there than you can use” he said “If I were you I would choose one topic from each letter and get the echidna and the kiwi to help you choose material to include.”

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