Themes 2

I found Sprite sitting in the garden, reading an article about giftedness and poppies,

She was absentmindedly blowing a wishing dandelion and still discussing the possible theme for her blog birthday with the Dabrowski Dogs.

Psycho Motor was occupied with chasing the dandelion seeds.
Sensual had unfortunately sat down in a patch of thistles which Sprite had refused to pull out during the Weed Wars in case the Scots declared war on her.
Emotional had brought Sprite a red rose because she said giving flowers was a beautiful way to express love and appreciation and concern. Also carrying the red rose in her teeth appealed to her flair for the dramatic.

Intellectual had gone to quite an amount of effort to set up a display of possible floral décor themes. He suggested decorating with posters of the work of William Morris.
At this point Intellectual embarked on a lengthy dissertation on William Morris and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Edward Burne-Jones, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, preservation of ancient buildings, socialism, the Kelmscott Press, traditional textile arts and crafts and medieval romance fiction and poetry.
He explained that the public domain prints he had chosen were beautiful intricate patterns but did not do justice to the vibrant colours of the original.

Intellectual could see that he was losing Sprite’s attention so he proceeded to his next set of prints.
These were by Vincent Van Gogh, one depicting a jug of sunflowers and the other a bed of irises with just one white iris in a large group of purple irises. He pointed out the symbolism of the one white iris and how it had been used in the film Little Man Tate.

At that moment Intellectual’s close friend, P’est Pour Parfait, the perfectionist poodle, arrived having returned from reading the transcripts of #gtchat at   and noted that the transcript for the chat session about Perfectionism would be posted soon.
He declared “I have found the perfect invitation stationery for you. As you see, it encapsulates many of the floral themes you are considering.”

“That would have been really perfect but I have already sent out my invitations!” Sprite complained.
“I’m sorry,” said Parfait “but I could not bring you this one earlier, in case I found one that was more perfect!”

All this time Imaginational had been dreamily watching the dandelion seeds blowing and wondering where they went. He was still thinking about fractals in ferns and how sunflowers looked as if they were smiling and wondering whether snowdrops were individuals like snowflakes.

He was also thinking that if they used a suitable template the Topiary Tessellation Bird Leaf tree could be decorated as a Topiary Tessellation Flower Tree and wondering whether the Tree Octopus, Octopus Topiarii, would be happy to visit a Topiary Tessellation Flower Tree for the blog birthday party.

One thought on “Themes 2

  1. Jo, you are such a wonderful storyteller! {{How’s that book coming?}} This is going to be quite a party. It has made me think that we will all have to find appropriate outfits to attend the gala. It is fascinating to me how you weave everyday events with intellectual topics and then depict the way in which gifted children would react in these situations.

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