It seems that both Sprite and I are having problems with choosing themes this week.

I found a hive of activity at Sprite’s Site today.
The Twitter Birds were collecting invitations for Sprite’s blog birthday for distribution and Sprite was discussing possible themes for her party with the Dabrowski dogs.
“I don’t know what theme to choose” Sprite was saying “that’s why I chose flowery paper for the invitations. But flowers would be a bit boring for a theme”
Psycho Motor “I don’t care what the theme is – as long as you get a bouncing castle!”
Emotional: “Flowers would be a good theme. Flowers always make me feel happy! Everyone loves getting flowers!”
Sensual: “Some flowers make me sneeze and feel itchy.
Sprite: “Well now that you mention it…”
Intellectual: “If you did choose flowers as a theme, you could tell everyone to come wearing a tag with the full botanical name of a flower on it and everyone would have to guess who they were.”
Psycho Motor: “Bor-ing!!!”
Sprite: “I don’t know whether my guests would think that was boring.”
Imaginational “There are a lot of really great themes you could have using flowers! What about Sunflowers and Snowdrops or Tall Poppies and White Irises or Dandelion Wishes or Fractals in Ferns?”
Intellectual: “Would you like me to calculate the comparative probabilities of those topics being of interest to your guests?”
Sprite: “I suppose so.”

Then Sprite turned to me and started to rattle off a list of guests she wanted me to invite for her and supplies of food and decorations she wanted me to purchase.

“Wait a moment!” I said “Before I start party preparations I need to write a post about Language Garden, visit Derrin Cramer’s Thinking Ahead blog for some advice about advocacy and write a post for New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week Blog Tour.”

“What topic are you going to address for the blog tour?” asked Intellectual.

“I don’t really know yet – I put myself down for TBA.” I said.

“Ah yes, the ever popular TBA!” said Intellectual “Tell me when you have something definite in mind and I will help you with research.”

“You know” piped up Imaginational “If you turn a kiwi over onto his stomach he looks like an echidna (if you don’t count how many feet they have)!”

“Now you are just being ridiculous!” said Intellectual in a very pompous voice “Everyone knows that a kiwi is a bird and an echidna is a monotreme.”

“Just saying…” said Imaginational giggling to himself.

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