Tra-la it’s May 9

This month the Twitter birds are going A-May-ING Camelot style!

I loved this piece of dialogue from the film Camelot

Arthur: We must arrange for your knighthood.

Lancelot: No, sire! Invest me because of deeds, not words! Give me an order!

Arthur: Now?

Lancelot: This moment! Is there some wrong I can right, some peril I can face,some quest I can undertake?

Arthur: Well… actually… there’s not much going on today. The Queen and some of her court have gone a-maying.

Lancelot: Gone… a-may ing?

Arthur: Well, it’s a sort of… um… picnic? They pick flowers and chase young…

Lancelot: Picnic?

Arthur: It’s a custom we have here. This is England, you know. And this is the season for gathering flowers.

Lancelot: Knights? Gathering FLOWERS?

Arthur: Well, SOMEONE has to do it!


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