The Psych Owl Ogist 1

As I guess you remember, Tweet and Retweet were becoming anxious about the behaviour of their Tweetlets. Friends and family (like Great Aunt Hashtag) had undermined their confidence in their parenting skills and  suggested that Tweetil was too boisterous/noisy/ naughty/smart-mouthed/impulsive/ADHD? and that Tweetelle was too noisy/demanding/emotional/neurotic/weird.

The nest visit from the Psych Owl Ogist proved to be a life changing event for the family. He had many years of experience working with gifted Tweetlets and there was an instant rapport between him and the Tweetlets.
He brought with him  the Ravens Progressive Matrices tests which he had chosen because of their independence of language and reading and writing skills, and the simplicity of their use and interpretation (and because Ravens sounds like a suitable test for Twitter birds).

He told Tweet and Retweet that there are a number of IQ tests and suggested that they could research these further at   and

The Tweetlets really enjoyed the testing process “It’s like playing games!” Tweetelle said. And Tweetil added “I wish learning lessons was always  like this!”

The Psych Owl ogist declared that Tweetil and Tweetelle were delightful and clearly very intelligent Tweetlets; and promised to return soon for a debriefing session, to report the results of the testing and his observations and to provide some recommendations for future education provisions.

4 thoughts on “The Psych Owl Ogist 1

  1. Brilliant Jo, I just love the way you tell a story… I really do hope you think about compiling a book … it would be well worth it I feel, and welcomed by many… they are just so reader and family friendly.. could not help but be popular and an extremely positive influence on the population

  2. Jo, you have such a talent for telling a story in such an understanding and engaging way. I think that Tweet & Retweet would be the perfect way to help young, new parents understand all about giftedness! Please do consider writing that book! I’ll put in a pre-order right now! 😀

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