Tweetelle becomes a seedetarian

I omitted to mention another incident that occurred during Great Aunt Hashtag’s second visit to the Tweet family.

Twitter birds are generally omnivorous. Tweetil always had a healthy appetite and Tweet worked hard to bring home enough food to satisfy him. Tweetelle, on the other hand, was always a bit finicky and some days would only accept food of a certain colour.

Determined to teach Retweet how to prepare appetising meals, Great Aunt Hashtag brought with her the raw ingredients for her famous caterpillar ragout.

Tweetelle and the caterpillar came face to face and Tweetelle was delighted, thinking that Great Aunt Hashtag had brought a pet for her.
“Ooh, it is so cute and fuzzy!” chirped Tweetelle.

The Tweetlets had never given any thought to where their food originated; so this revelation was a real shock for Tweetelle.

She offended Great Aunt Hashtag by refusing to eat the caterpillar ragout and declared to Retweet that she only wanted to eat seeds from now on.

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