Marking time to the beat of their own drum

Tweet and Retweet followed the advice of the Infant Welfare sister and sought to provide enrichment activities for the Tweetlets.
They hired some musical instruments to see whether the Tweetlets would enjoy playing before investing large amounts on purchasing instruments.

And they set up a telescope for stargazing and an easel for painting which Tweetelle really enjoyed using.

But Tweetil kept on squawking “I’m bored! I want to go out and bounce with the dog!”
(The bouncing dog was Psycho Motor Dabrowski who was very eager to see the Tweetlets flying and came and bounced at the foot of the tree every day.)

So Arachnid installed a mini trampoline inside the nest.

The Flight 101 theory lessons continued and arts and crafts were incorporated.
They made leaf planes and seed helicopters and watched them fly. Tweetelle loved making leaf planes and even painted them different colours so they could play ‘See whose plane flies further’.

But Tweetil just wanted to fly himself!

Friends who visited the Tweet family during this time were very critical of the Tweets’ parenting. Some accused them of being ‘helicopter parents’ and hovering around their Tweetlets all the time like hummingbirds at a flower. Others accused them of ‘hot-housing’ and said that they were pushing the Tweetlets too hard.
Tweet and Retweet were filled with dread when Great Aunt Hashtag notified them of her intention to pay them another visit.

They replicated Galileo’s experiment by dropping seeds and nuts and feathers of different sizes and weights from the nest to learn about gravity and terminal velocity.

Psycho Motor Dabrowski suggested to Tweetil that the Galileo experiments could be made more interesting and enjoyable by aiming to hit a specific target with the nuts.
“You get one point for hitting that leaf, five points for it landing in a puddle,” said Psycho Motor “fifty points if it lands in a puddle and splashes someone and one hundred points if you can splash the old bird with the walking frame!”

You don’t need to be Imaginational Dabrowski to guess what happened next!

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