In MY day reprise


“You are overstimulating those Tweetlets” declared Great Aunt Hashtag.
“Their behaviour is simply atrocious – like a pair of galahs!
In MY day we kept Tweetlets quiet and filled them with food and lulled them with Nesty Rhymes until their wings were ready for flight; then we pushed them over the edge of the nest and some of them survived. It’s called Natural Selection!”

Tweetelle started to cry.

“Stop blubbering, chickee!” said Great Aunt Hashtag “Retweet, you need to be firmer with those Tweetlets. You don’t want people to think they came out of a bad egg!”

It was not long after Great Aunt Hashtag’s visit that Tweetelle began having nightmares and being sure that there was a monster lurking in the bottom of the nest, ready to spring up when she least expected it, to select her and push her over the edge.
She said it looked like a mean jack in a box bird and it was called THE NATRAL.

Retweet organised  glow worm night lights for the Tweetlets and booked a nest visit appointment with the Psych Owl ogist

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