Flight School hits the Asynchrony speed bump

The Tweetlets were moving rapidly through the theory sections of Flight 101 and Arachnid  had set up the Web for them. But they were not having much success with the practical exercises.
They had mastered Flap – Flap – Flap but were not able to get enough power to get any lift when they jumped. (The course notes advised that they should only practice Flap – Flap – Jump inside the nest until they could get enough lift to Feel the Thermal and until they had covered Landing Procedures.)

Retweet was very concerned that the Tweetlets had reached a plateau and were not progressing and consulted the Maternal and Infant Welfare sister. She was surprised to find that the Tweetlets were in fact ahead of the expected development in several areas.
But the wise sister advised that the Tweetlets’ wing feathers were not yet sufficiently developed to allow flight. She informed Retweet that most Tweetlets that age had not even started the Flight 101 subject and were still listening to Nesty Rhymes. She was concerned to know whether the Tweetlets knew the most common Nesty Rhyme

Twitter, twitter little bird
How I wonder what you’ve heard
Sitting in your cosy nest
Eating food that you like best
Twitter, twitter little bird
How I wonder what you’ve heard

Retweet assured the wise sister that she and Tweet had sung the Nesty Rhymes to the Tweetlets often in the past when the Tweetlets could not go to sleep; and that they not only knew the rhymes but had grown so tired of hearing them that they had invented their own variations of them.

Twitter, twitter little bird
Let me tell you what I heard
Beyond the nest a world awaits
With wondrous sights and prospect gates
Twitter, twitter little bird
Let me tell you what I heard.

The wise sister expressed concern that singing variations of the Nesty Rhymes without sufficient repetition of the original and without authorisation from the education authorities  would cause confusion for the Tweetlets and that at least 10 repetitions were needed for mastery.
Retweet said that she thought the Tweetlets were quite bright because they had been able to recite the original after hearing it only two times and became bored with it after five repetitions.

Fortunately the wise sister was familiar with the notion that very young Tweetlets could already be displaying signs of giftedness and gave Retweet an article titled Bright versus Gifted from http://www.bownet.org/besgifted/brightvs.htm  to read.

She also stressed the Asynchronous Development of the gifted and cautioned that the Tweetlets may be physically unable to put into practice the things they were able to understand. Only time would provide the growth and development of their flight feathers which would to allow them to fly.

In the meantime the wise sister suggested perhaps they could provide some musical enhancement opportunities for the Tweetlets.

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