Best Australian Blogs 2012 Part 2

Sprite  has been very busy participating in the  training of the Dabrowski dogs to become Read to Me dogs and has not been spending much time working on her campaign for the Sydney Writers’ Centre  Best Australian Blogs 2012 competition.

So yesterday, when she realised that the voting for the People’s Choice Awards would begin on Friday 13th, she held a planning meeting to discuss her strategies. Click on the picture to see an enlargement of it.
The Memory Elephant  recalled the methods she used last year and Intellectual Dabrowski  helped to evaluate their usefulness and whether or not they could be used again this year.

Last year’s strategies included
sprucing up the blog  displaying a campaign poster
attracting visitors to the site using a trail of Easter eggs
pork barrelling
glad handing and baby kissing

This year, instead of the Easter eggs, Sprite has decided to use a line of solar garden lights to attract visitors to the site.
Her new campaign poster has been created

It was decided that, as Sprite’s Site blog had been entered in the Parenting section of the competition, the Tweet family nest should be spotlighted.

Activities planned for the campaign include
*  a Garden Party for the unveiling of the Voting Button
* a concert performance by the Twitter Bird Band
* a Lobster Lolly Lobbing competition

The details about how to vote for Sprite will be revealed during the unveiling of the Voting Button.

If you have entered Sprite’s Site by following a link to a specific post you will need to click on the title on the blue Sprite’s Site header to see the sidebar.

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