What happens if you swallow a wormhole?

On April 1, 2010 Sprite claimed she had a machine which allowed her to escape from her blog and return to it

See Interdimensional travel April 1 2010

Last year Sprite did not attempt to trick anyone on April Fools’ Day

This gave me a false sense of security so that I did not expect that she would combine forces with Tweetil Tweet to perpetrate another Interdimensional hoax.

I arrived at the blog to find much commotion in the Tweets’ nest.

“What happens if you swallow a wormhole?” Sprite asked me. “Tweetil said he swallowed a wormhole and they had to call the Flying Doctor!
I know that if you step into a wormhole you could come out the other end in another time or place – like maybe at the March for the Tree Octopus   or on Survivor Gifted Island

But what happens inside you if you swallow a wormhole?”

The Flying Doctor was attempting to appear knowledgeable and reassuring but was clearly out of his depth. He did not seem at all sure about the safest way to proceed. He said he did not know whether a wormhole would show up in an X-ray or ultrasound scan. He expressed concern that Tweetil might explode or implode but was at a loss about how to prevent it.

Tweetil burst into tears. “I don’t want to explode! I’m sorry I didn’t chew the worm fifty times. I just swallowed the worm whole!”

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