What happens if you swallow a wormhole? 2

I returned to the blog to find that somehow Sprite and Tweetil’s  April Fools Day joke had got away from them and taken on a life of its own. Although they had confessed to playing a prank and although the morning time for playing jokes had passed in Australia,  some countries observe a full day of trickery and the day  was just beginning in some parts of the world.

An owl arrived purporting to be Dr Who and claiming expertise in interdimensional travel and wormhole technology.
“Who did you say?” asked Sprite
“Who!” hooted the owl.
The conversation that ensued reminded me of the famous Abbott and Costello ‘Who’s on First?’ routine.

Clown Doctors http://clowndoctors.org.au/  had also arrived eager to use the occasion to publicise the work they do in lifting the spirits of their patients with humour and to remind everyone that this year April Fools Day is also Smile Day http://www.2ue.com.au/blogs/2ue-blog/clown-doctors-smile-day-sunday/20120330-1w2qj.html

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