The Tweetlets meet the Dabrowski Dogs

I suppose it was almost inevitable that the Tweet family would meet the Dabrowski Dogs sooner or later.

“I just saw a cute dog that looked like a lamb floating past in a hot air balloon!” chirped Tweetelle.
“That’s nice, dear” said Retweet mechanically as she continued to peg out the washing.
“Stop bouncing on the rim of the nest, Tweetil! You could break the edge and fall out!”
“But I’m bored and there is a dog bouncing down there and I want to bounce too!”
“And when I see that other black dog scratching it makes me feel itchy and as if the nest twigs are sticking into me.”

A few days later Tweet arrived home from a trip to the library and announced “I have found a tutor for the Tweetlets.
He is a very learned Border Collie by the name of Intellectual Dabrowski. We got talking about the great diorama Tweetelle made and
how upset she was when Great Aunt Hashtag  threw out some of the pebbles; and a lovely Springer Spaniel joined in and said she really understood Tweetelle’s emotional outburst. She will probably come and visit us as well”

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