The return of #GT Chat  is very timely for Tweet and Retweet.
It appears very likely that their tweetlets, Tweetil and Tweetelle, could be gifted.
They sleep very little and are always asking “Why?” They love to have stories read to them and demand more all the time.
Tweet and Retweet spend almost as much time bringing home books from the library as they do bringing home worms.
They love stories by Jonathan Swift and learning about Florence Nightingale and the architecture of Christopher Wren.
(“They are like Kipling’s The Elephant’s Child – they have insatiable curiosity” says the Memory Elephant.)

Tweet and Retweet are being accused of being pushy parents but really they are just doing all they can to keep up with their Tweetlets!

They intend to use NEST ED – Nest Education System of Training at the start as they need to be able to continue the education during migrations  but Retweet is dreaming of a time when they will advance to FLOCK ED – Future Logistics on Conservation of Knowledge.

1 thought on “Tweetlets

  1. Jo, I love the creativity you express in Sprite’s blog! Sprite enables me to understand Dabrowski’s theories and now she is telling a new story … the essence of gifted parenting. She is a shining light in the gifted community!

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