Filing memories 2

The Origami Secretary Bird organised an in-service PD session for Sprite and her Memory Elephant.
Now Sprite has created  a blue filing folder where the Memory Elephant is to place the memories of Rosebud.
Sprite said she chose blue because Rosebud is by the sea and many of the houses have blue trimmings.

Having given the Memory Elephant several attractive pictures of the beach Sprite then absentmindedly handed over  a strip of pictures of the
wood sculptured figures which can been seen on the pavement in the main street of Rosebud.


“There!” said the Memory Elephant. “That is just the sort of thing she does! She just hands me stuff and expects me to know what it is and where to file it and she doesn’t tell me enough so that I can help her find it later!  Who are these wooden statues and what does Sprite want to remember about them?”

I am pleased to say that Sprite is beginning to understand her part in the memory process and she was able to produce extra information for the Memory Elephant to file.
“I want you to file these pictures in the Rosebud file, please” she said. “I want to remember the details about them so that I can tell people who are visiting Rosebud. They are carvings of local identities which were commissioned by the Rosebud Chamber of Commerce .”

“There is Jack Jennings who had the dairy and Frank Whittaker the film maker and Norm Clark the charity tin rattler”

“And I don’t know who this is – just a random person drinking  beer outside the Rosebud Hotel”

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