Sprite unpacks

Sprite managed to avoid most of the unpacking by delaying her return until it was nearly finished. She inspected our new home and the garden and voiced her approval of the bungalow and, of all things, the Dux Prodigy gas hot water heater.

She was bubbling over with information she had gained from her visits.
“Did you know Cybraryman even has a page about moving house?” she asked.
“And Merebith files information for Meredith and a little guy in khaki pants files stuff for Meredith’s Dad.
I will have to talk severely to the Memory Elephant because he hasn’t been keeping files and folders for me!
I bet he didn’t pack any folders for me in his trunk for the move!”

“And where are my pink slippers?”

“If you had helped with the packing you would know which box or bag they are in!” I said.

“Are they in the box labelled Criteria and Eligibility?” she asked.

“No, that is just the paperwork for getting the provisions you need” I said.
“The De Bono Action Shoes are in the blue bag in front of that box.”

So Sprite put on her pink slippers and she and Columbus Cheetah sat and watched while I unpacked some more boxes.

5 thoughts on “Sprite unpacks

  1. Hi Sprite!

    Glad you found your pink slippers.

    (I see the De Bono Action Shoes are well kept!

    Did you read about Meredith, Merebith and swimming?

    Seems from the last image you’re getting into the beach spirit).

    • Hi Adelaide! I (Jo) have just been reading about Meredith and Merebith and swimming and I really agreed very much with the post. I love swimming too for all the reasons mentioned in the post and also agree that indoor pools can sometimes be very noisy and the chlorine smell can be overpowering!
      You might enjoy the series of posts about the Dabrowski dogs attending the Paws for Poise Parlour which starts at http://www.giftedresources.org/jo/blog/?p=871

  2. Oh, my! Look at all those boxes. I would dread having to move, but know it will happen one day.
    Sprite, perhaps you should give Jo a hand with the unpacking? That’s a lot to ask of one person; especially someone who is so good to you. Surely Memory Elephant could use his strong trunk to move those boxes?
    Happy to hear that everyone is settling into their new home!
    I believe there may be a ‘Housewarming Party’ in the offing for Jo in the Lobby! 🙂

    • Ooh yes please! I would love a house warming party in the Lobby!
      And thank you also for pressing Sprite and the Memory Elephant into service with help in unpacking.

  3. Jo:

    I did enjoy Paws for Poise especially parts 2 and 3.

    The Taste Tester dogs are very interesting as well.

    I enjoy getting exercise in the pool, especially watching aerobics. One of my favourite entertainments in the complex was possibly the waterslide.

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