Packing for the New

Sprite has provided the #gtstoogies with convenient take-away food for this week’s catch up after #gtchat because Jo and therefore also Sprite and Co are busy packing for a move to the seaside town of Rosebud next week. Jo will update the contact details on Gifted Resources website and Sprite’s Site soon.

One Twitter Bird is making a list of To Do’s.
Everyone is bringing their treasures to be packed. There is much speculation about how it should be packed and whether everything will fit in. The Memory Elephant has offered to put as many of the precious mementos as possible in the trunk.

2 thoughts on “Packing for the New

  1. How thoughtful and how exciting! Best wishes to Jo and Sprite (& menagerie) on their move to the seaside! Thank you for providing the Lobby with take-away food. We will certainly enjoy every morsel. Yum!

  2. Rosebud… what a lovely name, and by the sea side…. I do hope you all find the move not to stressful, and that it goes smoothly… best wishes Jo.. wish I could be there to help and glad all the animals are there to keep you all company… thanks for the food.. Les

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