Boxing Day

In most states of Australia December 26th, the day after Christmas is called Boxing Day.
The name originated from the custom of giving the contents of church collection boxes to the needy on the Feast of Stephen which is celebrated on 26th December.
It is also an appropriate name for the day after Christmas as the gifts received at Christmas and the trimmings for the Christmas table are being packed away in boxes.
It is a day when stores hold post Christmas sales and the Boxing Day test cricket series and the Sydney – Hobart ocean yacht races commence.

This year Sprite became so engrossed in the Twitter Birds preparations for Christmas that she was late in posting her Christmas wish list.
She cut out pictures of Investigator Grey Sneakers and Pillow Soft Pink Slippers from the De Bono’s Action Shoes collection catalogue, added “Thanks In Anticipation – Sprite” and pinned her note to the TV cabinet.
(These particular shoes also represent the programs she hopes to participate in during the next school year )

Unfortunately, it appears some people still do not really understand Sprite’s specific needs! She received a parcel containing pretty flowerprint shoes with impossibly high stiletto heels with a note saying “I know how much you love shoes, dear! Enjoy!”
Caramel Cat came running to play with the box but the Twitter Birds and Columbus Cheetah were horrified at the inappropriate nature of the contents.
“I can see I still have more myth-busting to do!” declared Columbus Cheetah.

“I might be able to get the shoes I want with the money I was given for Christmas at the Boxing Day Sales” Sprite said.

But Sensual Dabrowski piped up with “You really don’t want go to the Boxing Day Sales. Everybody crowds around the doors before the shops open. They queue up for hours beforehand and then they rush in and push and shove and snatch the bargains and people get knocked over. You would hate it – you wouldn’t be able to compete with all that hurly-burly! (And don’t even get me started about the neon lights and the noises and the smells!)

“OK,” said Sprite. “I’ll just sit here and watch the start of the Sydney – Hobart yacht race on TV and hope that I can get some Investigator Grey De Bono Sneakers and some Pillow Soft Pink De Bono Slippers in time for next year”

2 thoughts on “Boxing Day

  1. Well, now … I learned something new! Thanks, Sprite. Hope you finally get the shoes you want. Have you considered purchasing them online? I know my children (one is 2e) have had great success with this. 🙂

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