The November Road is paved with good intentions!

Last November I wrote:

NOVEMBER That crazy penultimate month of the year when men grow moustaches authors endeavour to write a whole novel in the month and Americans celebrate Thanksgiving.
For Australians a horse race, the Melbourne Cup stops the Nation on the first Tuesday of the month and ladies wear fancy hats and fascinators.
Sprite was eager for me to participate in Nanowrimo and write her biography but the task seemed a bit daunting so I am opting to attempt to write a blog post every day in November with NaBloPoMo

This year
My older son is undertaking to grow a  Movember moustache
The first Tuesday of the month with the Melbourne Cup fell on Tuesday 1st November and I missed adorning the female Twitter Birds with hats and fascinators for the occasion but the male Twitter Birds will again grow Movember moustaches. Indeed some of them have retained the ones they grew last year.
I have not even considered writing a NaNoWriMo novel or even promising to write a Blog post every day. But Sprite overheard the discussion on #gtchat about NaNoWriMo Young Writers’ Program and would like to try it – but only if she can dictate it to me and I do the writing for her.

In November I usually provide an activity report for the year for Gifted Resources and write a Christmas program for the Church Sunday school.
This year we are already three days into November and I really do not know how many November intentions I will be able to complete!

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