Dandelion wishes answered!





Wish 1 Sprite: I wish that Dr Laurie Marker won’t be too sad without Chewbaaka and that the Chewbaaka Memorial fund will bring in lots of money for cheetah conservation.

The day after I posted Sprite’s dandelion wish I received this note from the Cheetah Conservation Fund.
And today there was another note bringing news of the cheetah cubs who are being trained to follow in the tracks of Chewbaaka and become the future ambassadors for the species





Wish 2 Sprite: I wish that someone would help me to clean up my room and get organized!

Sprite has been visiting Angela Esnouf’s Creating Order from Chaos website at http://www.creatingorder.com.au/  and Angela has promised she will write a letter to Sprite giving her some basic tips for getting organised.





Wishes 3 Sprite: I wish that Ginger Pony had a friend because it is really lonely if you don’t have a friend
and 4 Sprite: I wish that I could work out why Bea doesn’t like me. I wish someone could help me work it out!

Both these wishes were answered by a invitation in the Comments Section from Sue Weatherill of Horse Instincts http://www.facebook.com/pages/Helpn-Oz-Horse-Programs-for-the-Community/165217303502821


Hi Sprite,
You and Ginger pony and all your friends can
come and join Buddy and his team at Horse Instincts
during the school holidays if you like?

Buddy, Maestro and the herd help train people of all ages
in the subtle cues of body language and communication.
They are great at it. It is fun and easy to learn.
It can really help reduce your stress levels when making
friends and being around lots of people or new ones.
We hope you can come and visit.

Sue Weatherill

6 thoughts on “Dandelion wishes answered!

  1. Dear Sprite,

    It would appear that you are one of the luckiest girls in the world! All your wishes are coming true.

    Once you get the tips for cleaning your room, could you please send them my way? I would like to share them with my children.

    Best Wishes,

    • Yes Lisa, the really great thing is that Angela Esnouf is going to write a guest post which will be a help for all of us, I hope.
      Both Sprite and I certainly need to get organised!

    • She is very fortunate, isn’t she!
      Actually I was really delighted about the cheetah conservation foundation news – the other two wish answers I had set up in order to mention Creating Order from Chaos and Horse Instincts.

  2. uhuh… I am sooo delighted!!! I just knew that animals would be in your future sprite… what a lucky girl.. and your pony too… animal assisted learning, and therapy is great. Megan and I often visit old folks homes, and it is wonderful to see how much it means to folk.. company from animals is great!!

    • It is a great solution – company for Ginger Pony with Buddy and co and learning for Sprite about relationships and body language in a fun setting

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