Gifted Island Challenge 2: Getting to know myself with a little help from my friends – The results are in!

Sprite’s second challenge on Survivor: Gifted Island based on Johari’s Window and was designed to help understand what we know about ourselves and how we relate to others.

For this exercise Sprite had to write 5 questions about herself and ask other people to answer them. For some of the questions she would know the answer already but the answers would show whether others perceived her the way she sees herself. For other questions she would not know the answer and the replies could help her see possibilities and fill in the unknown to self areas. As Sprite’s creator I had already chosen for her to know some of the answers and not others and I was also hoping that the readers of Sprite’s Site blog would understand Sprite in the way I intended.

These were the questions

  1. What is my favourite colour?
  2. What subjects interest me most?
  3. Do you think I am an introvert or an extravert?
  4. What do you consider are my main personality traits?
  5. What career can you imagine me following?

I was really delighted with the replies as the majority matched very closely to the character I hoped I was portraying.

There were 8 respondents to the questionnaire.

Question 1 What is my favourite colour?
This was a question for which I intended Sprite’s answer to be Blue
5 responded Blue shades 2 responded purple shades with excellent reasons, 1 did not know and 1 did not know but guessed red
Shades of blue would be in the A section and shades of purple would be something she had discovered from the feedback and could add to the B section

Question 2 What subjects interest me most?
I intended Sprite’s answer to be animals, science, researching and music.
These interests were all recognized by some of the respondents and could be included in the A section.
The feedback from others would add issues related to giftedness and 2E issues, homeschooling, art, history and mysteries to the B section.

She has mentioned in the past her passion for astronomy so she could reveal that in Section C to increase others knowledge of her

Question 3 Do you think I am an introvert or an extravert?
I intend to depict Sprite as an introvert and so was happy that 5 of the respondents chose Introvert. 2 said she was an extravert – one of them based on her interactions with other characters on the blog. When I pointed out that several of those characters are soft toys or imaginary friends, we had a very interesting discussion about what things were real to which characters.
The characteristics I had included which I hoped pointed towards Sprite being an Introvert is that she is socially awkward with same age peers and likes to spend a lot of time by herself or with animal and soft toy friends pursuing her own interests. One respondent noted that she almost never speaks directly to the audience.
It is interesting that some Introverts can put on a mask of Extraversion when engaged in interesting conversation with true intellectual peers or in order to give a performance or presentation. Maybe Sprite can manage this occasionally – enough to influence a couple of the respondents.

Question 4 What do you consider are my main personality traits?
I did not intend Sprite to be aware of her personality traits. The traits I hope to have given her are being imaginative, creative, disorganized, inquisitive, intelligent, highly sensitive and emotional. The respondents seem to have noticed these qualities and they can be added to her B section.

Question 5 What career can you imagine me following?
I intended this question to represent Section D – something which neither Sprite nor anyone else knows yet. But I loved the suggestions which the respondents offered to this question! Several picked up on her concern for animals and environmental issues and her sense of justice and suggested careers which involved these passions.

Thank you very much to all respondents for helping Sprite on her path of self discovery !

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