Outdoor cinema for #gtstoogies Week 3

This week the #gtstoogies Outdoor Cinema will the screening The Return of the King, the third and final film in the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy.  The Memory Elephant, the Dabrowski Dogs and the Twitter Birds will be going to the pictures as well as to the #RSCON3 Reflections Party http://reformsymposium.com/conferences/rscon3/rscon3-reflections-party/

Emotional Dabrowski loves all the beautiful New Zealand scenery in the films especially all the scenes in the Hobbit holes at Bagend and she takes a roller coaster ride of emotions every time she watches the films.
Intellectual Dabrowski is being a bit tedious and delivering a lengthy lecture about the geography of New Zealand to a visiting kiwi  who fortunately is quite good natured and humours him.

One Twitter Bird who has been busy for the last couple of weeks drawing smiley emoticons on white boards thought he was supposed to draw a smiley on the screen until people started calling out “Sit down in the front!”

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