RSCON3 Looking at the Links 1:Blog posts and presentation slides from presenters

 The Twitter Birds are certainly very generous and very efficient when it comes to sharing links to interesting websites.
They have been working overtime since RSCON3

 The sessions were recorded and you can find links here
Spreadsheets of links to recordings of the RSCON3 sessions

Paula Naugle Educating with Edmodo slideshare
Wheeler slide share 
Michael Graffin PLN What the heck is a PLN?

Finnish education system slides

Heidi Siwak
App-titude for learning slideshare

Aviva Dunsiger


LiveBinder of technology smackdown resources


Janet Bianchini

Presenters’ and moderators’ blogs

 Pam Burnard
Creativity and creative learning: Redefining the future of learning

Vicky Loras blog

Aviva Dunsiger

Silvia Ellison blog

Way beyond outside the classroom walls

Whatedsaid Edna Sackson

Accepting the void     a presenter’s view

Phil Hart – A Techie’s View
The textbook, the classroom and the Internet

Assessing assessment – a panelist’s view Phil Hart

Ian Chia A transliteracy manifesto for rscon3

Steve Anderson Presenter
Taking care of your digital self

Chiew Pang

Heidi Siwak rscon3 Just what’s so different?

Ulimasao Blog
Hyperconnect with Elluminate

Terie Engelbrecht
Crazy teaching blog

Chiew Pang
Reflections on RSCON3

Cecilia Lemos

 Dave Dodgson
Reflections of a teacher and learner

 Tyson Seburn
Reform Symposium is an important conference model

You can find more links in RSCON3 blogs here
Google spreadsheet list of blogs

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