Outdoor cinema for #gtstoogies Week 2

Last week the #gtstoogies enjoyed an evening at the outdoor cinema to watch The Lord of the Rings.

I was not able to participate as I was very much involved with attending the #RSCON3 Reform Symposium.
But fortunately for me The Lord of the Rings is an epic trilogy which is usually screened in three sittings and I am able to attend this week.
The Twitter birds who were helping me collate links to slide shares and blogs from the RSCON3 Presenters and links to blogs from the RSCON3 Attendees are taking some well earned time off and enjoying the film as well.

2 thoughts on “Outdoor cinema for #gtstoogies Week 2

  1. Excellent idea, Jo! Totally didn’t consider that this was a trillogy. Once again, you save the show. 🙂 BTW, a couple of those Twitterbirds look like they may be on a ‘date’ – the drive-in being a very popular venue for young people to go to (in U.S.?) when they are in a relationship. Perhaps, they are ‘love birds’? Enjoy the show!

  2. Hi Lisa Yes you have spotted a pair of love birds on a date there!
    The drive-in theatre used to be a popular venue for dating in Australia too but now not many outdoor cinemas remain.
    I have some very funny stories about the drive-in to tell you sometime.

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