The Pool of Collected Reflections Revisited

The Reform Symposium #RSCON3 has finished but the networking, information sharing and inspiration continues as the organizers, presenters and attendees blog about the conference.

After the Reform Symposium in August 2010 a questionnaire was posted in order to set up a Googledocs spreadsheet listing all the blogs that were being written about rscon10.It provided a great Pool of Collected Reflections.

Last year the Memory Elephant donned his Combination 6 De Bono Thinking Hat and went to the Pool of Collected Reflections to gather wise and insightful reflections of the Reform Symposium.

This year a similar list of blog posts is being compiled and there is a form for collecting blog posts about #RSCON3 at

You can find the Google spreadsheet list of blogs here

You can also follow the #RSCON3 hashtag on Twitter to find links to the blog posts giving reflections of the recent Reform Symposium and to find out about the Post RSCON3 session next week.

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