Postcard from #RSCON3

The Dabrowski Dogs are having a wonderful time at RSCON3 !

PsychoMotor loves the fact that there are so many different sessions to attend and does not mind that many of them are in the early hours of the morning, because PsychoMotor does not sleep much at any time, and he wants all the other Dabrowski Dogs to bounce with him! He enjoyed the fast moving panel sessions, the Couros Brothers keynote and sessions on games in education with Judith Way and Techie Brekkies with Henrietta Miller.

Imaginational Dabrowski would like a bit more time to consider the sessions and will revisit all the saved slides and chatbox notes and the links. He loves all the inspirational sessions calling for reform in education. He was inspired by John T Spencer, Will Deyamport, Chuck Sandy, Kelly Tenkely and Lisa Nielsen.

Sensual Dabrowski loved the warmth of the welcome  with the salsa music for Elvira Deyamport’s session on Skype and viewing a great Live Binder collection of Maths and Art with Colin Graham.

Emotional Dabrowski was overwhelmed with empathy and appreciation as Shelley Terrell shared her story of her 30 Goals challenges.
She also enjoyed the cartoons session with Janet Bianchini.

Intellectual Dabrowski was seriously impressed by all the information being shared and will be very busy checking all the links.

All the Dabrowski Dogs say you should definitely visit The Reform Symposium RSCON3 at

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